At GenPro, We’ve Opened the Door to a New Class of Dynamic, Blood-Based, Immune System Epigenetic Biomarkers Called “EpiMarkers”.

EpiMarkers target numerous unmet clinical needs across many diseases that mutation-based biomarkers cannot address. EpiMarkers capture and leverage signals about how patients respond to disease, status of disease progression and response to therapeutic intervention, all from a non-invasive blood sample.

Our biopharma and research collaboration partnerships are tailored to each partner’s goals, allowing them to realize the rapid, scalable, cost-effective benefits of our EpiMarker Platform for EpiMarker discovery and commercialization.

From our EpiMarker, to our unique, proprietary machine-learning, cloud-based platform, to our collaboration partnership methodology, GenPro is providing a proven architecture for success.

The GenPro Platform - Improving Results Across Health Care by Decoding the Immune System's Epigenome.

Uniquely distinguishing Genome Profiling is its proprietary, cloud-based, machine-learning, methyl sensitive restrictive enzyme (MSRE) chemistry and bioinformatics platform called the EpiMarker Platform. Combined with a disciplined workflow, the EpiMarker Platform rapidly (< 10 weeks) discovers and validates each unique immuno-epigenetic response to a disease or disease change and codifies it into a novel computational tool called an EpiMarker. Think of each EpiMarker as a powerful “in silico epigenetic biomarker” that can predict disease or disease change due to therapeutic intervention.

Once an EpiMarker is discovered and validated from a simple blood sample using whole-genome next generation sequencing (NGS), each EpiMarker is translated into a low-cost, high-throughput clinical test that runs on standard clinical lab equipment to provide new clinically actionable information to solve some of the most difficult disease diagnosis and treatment problems that gene mutation biopsy and liquid biopsy biomarkers cannot easily address.

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A Rich, Dynamic Information Source for Decoding Patterns of Health Status and Therapeutic Response.

From companion and early disease detection diagnostics, to patient stratification, precision medicine therapies and new drug opportunities, GenPro EpiMarkers are proving to be a clinically valuable asset to accelerate the promise of precision health.

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We are assembling a world-class team that is dedicated to bettering the lives of patients by improving the capabilities of our customers and partners.

Genome Profiling is a functional genomics company focused on decoding the sentinel power of the immune system’s global epigenetic response to acute and chronic health conditions and therapeutic intervention into a pipeline of novel clinical products that deliver transformational benefits to biopharmas, clinicians, patients and payers.


Sharing the benefits of our discoveries with the scientific community through partnerships tailored to your specific goals.

At GenPro, we’ve successfully applied our scalable platform and efficient workflow to enable Biopharma and Research Collaboration Partnerships. Read more about our tailored, staged and milestone driven clinical trial collaboration partnership model.