Biotech Firm May Change Cancer Treatment With Early Testing

Biotech Firm May Change Cancer Treatment With Early Testing

Background: Our epigenome is our genetic “control system.”

When we are born we inherit our genome from our ancestors and all of its associated mutations, and throughout our lifetime our genome doesn’t change. Our epigenome is our genetic “control system” that we also inherit; however, it is dynamic throughout our life and affected by external factors such as stress, diet, exposure to substances, etc. Our epigenome regulates the expression of the genes in our genome (turns them on and/or off) and thereby is actively involved in disease causation.

Methylation, the attachment of a CH3 group to one or many of the 28 million CpG locations in our genome is the primary mechanism of epigenetic gene regulation (e.g. turns off suppressor mechanisms for tumor suppression genes). Since DNA methylation turns off gene expression, methylation based biomarkers have direct correlation to biological phenotype and have the potential to be robust prognostic and/or diagnostic biomarkers with high clinical and commercial value.

As seen in the USA Today article, GenPro’s industry collaborations may change cancer treatment with early testing.

GenPro’s proprietary EpiMarker Discovery Platform™ uniquely quantifies CpG methylation state changes and characterizes novel EpiMarkers across many life threatening and chronic diseases that can be used for a range of valuable clinical care and precision medicine applications such as early disease detection, disease diagnostics, patient stratification for precise therapeutic efficacy, etc.

Recently, GenPro, became one of the first biotech firms invited to co-reside at Christiana Care Health System’s Center for Translational Cancer Research in the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute in Christiana. This resulted from the success of a collaborative partnership engagement between GenPro and the research institute to discover a novel GenPro EpiMarker™ for the early diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer that will lead to the development of tests for early cancer detection, progression and reliable decision making on the right form of treatment for the disease.

From the article: “Early diagnoses and faster routes to effective treatment would mean more people could survive the disease and have a much better quality of life. A test like this has the potential to change patient care as we know it”, said Jeb Connor, CEO and Co-Founder of GenPro.

GenPro is pursuing similar EpiMarker discovery and development partnerships with bio-pharma companies, diagnostic companies, and other clinical research institutions in other areas of oncology and across many other disease areas.

For full article access go to: “USAToday: Biotech firm may change cancer treatment with early testing”

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