Dan C. Martin, MD, Renowned Endometriosis Expert, Joins Genome Profiling’s Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board

Dan C. Martin, MD, Renowned Endometriosis Expert, Joins Genome Profiling’s Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board

Wayne, Pennsylvania – Genome Profiling announces that a world-renowned expert in the field of endometriosis has joined GenPro’s Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board as senior clinical advisor.

Dan C. Martin, M.D., scientific and medical director of the Endometriosis Foundation of America in New York, NY, is now bringing his expertise to Genome Profiling. According to Dr. Martin, “Many patients experience years of undue suffering before receiving a correct endometriosis diagnosis. However, much of this suffering can now be prevented, thanks to advances that link patients’ immune system status to endometriosis progression, along with immune cell epigenetic patterns in DNA methylation. Genome Profiling is a leader in this emerging field, and I’m thrilled to be part of their team. Soon we’ll be able to deliver benefits to more than 10 percent of women ages 13 to 40 who suffer from endometriosis – enabling general clinicians to quickly screen for the disease, manage its early stages medically, and refer patients with more complex symptoms to appropriate specialists.”

“Dr. Martin’s career has been dedicated to improving women’s health care through ongoing research and clinical care,” says Jeb Connor, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder at GenPro. “We are honored to have his assistance in transforming the current paradigm of this disease.”

Dr. Martin is currently professor emeritus at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center; a community member of the Virginia Commonwealth University Institutional Review Board; and a life fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He has authored more than 414 publications on pelvic surgery for endometriosis and fertility, serves on several company and institutional advisory boards, and is a frequent participant in panels discussing endometriosis and women’s health care.

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