Genome Profiling Discovers Blood-Based Immune-System-Derived Epigenetic Biomarker that Predicts Responders vs Non-Responders to an Immune Checkpoint Therapy in a Solid Tumor Cancer

Genome Profiling Discovers Blood-Based Immune-System-Derived Epigenetic Biomarker that Predicts Responders vs Non-Responders to an Immune Checkpoint Therapy in a Solid Tumor Cancer

Wayne, PA (May 1, 2020) – Genome Profiling completed a series of collaborative retrospective studies with a top ten biopharma immuno-oncology translational research team that resulted in the discovery and blind validation of a novel blood based immuno-epigenetic biomarker (EpiMarker) that successfully stratified responder vs non-responder solid tumor cancer patients that had participated in a Phase 2 trial of the biopharma’s checkpoint inhibitor based therapy.

Genome Profiling’s Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Adam Marsh expressed, “We and our biopharma partner are enthused by the outcome of this retrospective study with blind validation, particularly that it was achieved from whole blood samples versus an intrusive biopsy. The highlight was that it provided responder stratification results that could have increased trial response rate from 33% to 50% or a 63% improvement. Further, it demonstrated the power of GenPro’s EpiMarker Platform’s and method’s ability to rapidly “decode” the sentinel power of the immune system into a clinically actionable EpiMarker. This case was particularly challenging because the inter-patient variance of the cohort was very heterogeneous – all comer, late stage cancer, many prior chemo and IO treatments, two histologies, etc. Yet, laudable results were achieved from standard EDTA purple top whole blood draws.”

Mark Anderson, Genome Profiling’s Vice President EpiMarker Solutions and former senior cancer biology leader for a big pharma commented, “In addition to the primary result based on EpiMarkers that related directly to disease response, GenPro was able to find methylation changes in circulating immune cells that were strongly correlated with tumor PD-L1 expression. These liquid biopsy biomarkers were substantially better predictors of overall survival than PD-L1 IHC results for this indication and treatment regimen.” The graphic below depicts this comparative finding.

Following these initial successes Genome Profiling’s capabilities are now being applied to a Phase 3 trial where the biopharma collaborator is testing an immunotherapy regimen in a second solid tumor indication. The goal is to discover a novel phenotypic blood-based EpiMarker and precision test that stratifies responders vs non-responders. That test could then be developed into a blood-based CDx for their IO-drug.

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Mark Anderson, Ph.D.
VP Biopharma EpiMarker Solutions

Genome Profiling is a functional genomics company leading the decoding of the sentinel power of the immune system’s global epigenetic responses to the stressors of disease into a new class of clinically actionable biomarkers – immune-system derived epigenetic biomarkers called EpiMarkers. Novel blood-based EpiMarkers are translated into drug response prediction and diagnostic blood tests that accelerate the promise of precision health in Oncology/Immuno-Oncology and across the spectrum of non-gene-mutation-driven diseases. Genome Profiling’s proprietary, cloud-based, machine-learning bioinformatics platform called the EpiMarker Platform enables the rapid profiling, discovery, and validation of each unique genome-wide immuno-epigenetic response to a disease. This information is then codified into an in silico EpiMarker that that is the basis for targeted panel assay for routine use to, for example, phenotypically stratify patients who will be responders vs non-responders to improve patient selection into clinical trials and thereby trial outcomes.

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