Dr. Adam Marsh of Genome Profiling, LLC to Present at the Cancer Diagnostics Conference in San Francisco on November 16, 2015

Dr. Adam Marsh of Genome Profiling, LLC to Present at the Cancer Diagnostics Conference in San Francisco on November 16, 2015

Genome Profiling, LLC (GenPro), an epigenetic biomarker discovery company to clinical research institutions, biopharma and diagnostics companies, announced that Adam Marsh, Ph. D, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder will present novel data demonstrating the potential power of epigenetic biomarkers to deliver new clinical value across many cancer and non-cancer diseases and applications at the Cancer Diagnostics Conference in San Francisco on November 16th, at 1:30 PM in the Spring Room at the Hotel Kabuki.

The topic of the presentation is: “Breakthrough Technology for Non-Bisulfite Epigenetic Profiling of DNA Methylation Enables Epigenetic Diagnostic Biomarker Discovery“.

Dr. Marsh’s presentation will demonstrate how using methyl-sensitive restriction enzymes to fragment gDNA for next generation sequencing (NGS) and a proprietary post-NGS bioinformatics platform to reconstruct site-specific cytosine methylation, GenPro has developed a novel approach to enable the discovery of quantitative epigenetic biomarkers that deliver new clinical value across many diseases and applications. This approach also allows for genomic variant call (SNPs) analysis from the same sequence data – a single NGS run for comprehensive epigenetic AND genomic variant data. Dr. Marsh will discuss how GenPro is applying this methylation biomarker discovery platform to diagnostic challenges and demonstrating high in solid tumors (triple-negative breast cancer), in blood serum (Parkinson’s Disease patients), and to assess drug “responders” vs. “non-responders” in leukemia patients using bone marrow profiles revealing a highly discriminate epigenetic signal prior to treatment.

About Dr. Adam Marsh, Ph. D, CSO & Co-Founder of GenPro

Dr. Marsh, one of the earliest pioneers of computational epigenetics, is the visionary, inventor and leader of GenPro’s core IP and computational capabilities. He and GenPro’s Chief Business Officer, Dr. Didier Landais, will be available throughout the duration of the meeting to discuss GenPro’s Epigenetic Biomarker Discovery Platform and their vision for applying it to “Accelerate the Promise of Precision Health”.

About Genome Profiling LLC

Genome Profiling, LLC (“GenPro”) is an Epigenetic Biomarker Discovery and Analytics Company opening the door to a new class of clinically and commercially valuable biomarkers, called EpiMarkers. GenPro’s proprietary quantitative analytics rapidly transform and optimize next generation sequencing (NGS) data into novel, highly sensitive and specific epigenetic biomarkers across many diseases and for many applications such as early disease detection and prognosis, diagnostics and companion diagnostics, more effective patient stratification for clinical trials and therapeutic treatment, and post treatment disease and therapeutic monitoring. Through collaborative milestone driven partnerships, GenPro works with its bio-pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and clinical research institution customers to collaboratively discover novel epigenetic biomarkers (EpiMarkers) for downstream development and commercialization.

About the Cancer Diagnostics Conference

The Cancer Diagnostics Conference will take place November 16-17, 2015 at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, CA. The conference brings together a balance of industry and academia, so that delegates have the opportunity to network with colleagues from different sectors and discuss new research in cancer diagnostics, including next generation sequencing, the use of clinical utility of cell-free DNA liquid biopsy, patient selection for cancer drug development, and correlative predictive markers. Sessions will include: 1. Next Generation Sequencing in Cancer Diagnosis, 2. The Clinical Utility of Cell-Free Nucleic Acids for Liquid Biopsy, 3. Patient Selection for Cancer Drug Development, and, 4. Correlative Predictive Markers for Immunotherapy & Immuno-Oncology.

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