GenPro: Epigenetic Biomarker Solutions - From Early Disease Detection Through Companion Diagnostics.

GenPro’s Big Data Machine Learning (ML) approach to biomarker discovery is fast and flexible, and can be applied across the full spectrum of biomarker types and therapeutic areas.

What We Do: Applications

By decoding the immune system’s DNA methylation response to disease stress, we are able to discover blood-based phenotypic EpiMarkers that are diagnostic of specific patients health conditions.

GenPro EpiMarkers yield broad, clinically actionable, immuno-cellular information for identifying specific sources of disease stress or drug response. The strength of our EpiMarkers is that they go well-beyond what mutation or proteome biomarkers can identify from either whole blood samples, circulating tumor DNA, or circulating tumor cells.

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Why We Do It: Diseases

GenPro's EpiMarkers leverage the power of epigenetics to identify the physical health state of a patient in order to inform better, faster treatment decisions for that person.

As Precision Medicine moves from theory to practice, epigenetic data is a key component for a clinician to better understand what makes each individual patient unique. Understanding that variation in a person allows more informed decisions about their health care options. GenPro EpiMarkers derived from immune system cells allow clinicians to identify diseases before a person becomes symptomatic, and to identify which diseased patients are more likely to respond to a specific therapeutic treatment.

Likewise, the same EpiMarker Platform and workflow discovers novel blood-based EpiMarkers that identify patients who have a disease before it is symptomatic to enable early treatment and to minimize the impact of the disease and ultimately the cost of treating that disease. We have demonstrated this power in numerous disease areas including cancer (breast, lung, colon, blood), cerebral palsy, endometriosis, and Parkinson’s Disease.

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What We Do With It: Industries

GenPro's EpiMarkers identify gene domains where epigenetic modifications are prominent and likely to lead to changes in cell phenotypes. For example, in the rapidly growing area of Immuno-Oncology (I-O), the intimate association between a tumor and infiltrating immune cells establishes a highly complex interaction. GenPro's EpiMarkers decode a tumor's imprint on a person's immune system to give clinicians better, data-driven, treatment options.

Our ability to decode immune cell signals is proving to be a valuable clinical resource for identifying whether a patient diagnosed with cancer is likely to respond to a specific therapy. In Immuno-Oncology (+3,000 FDA-registered clinical projects in 2019), GenPro EpiMarkers address a growing critical and underserved need for identifying those patient that are more likely to respond to an IO therapy. Knowing this information can improve clinical trial outcomes by focusing on responder patients, and can improve data driven clinical treatment decisions.

An equally impactful EpiMarker application is to apply the same blood-based technology and workflow to early pre-symptomatic disease detection. We have found that an abnormal signal in a patient's immune system can be identified before the onset of obvious disease symptoms.

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