Rapid, Scalable and Cost-Effective Immuno-Methylome EpiMarker Discovery.

Phenotypic Immuno-Methylome Epimarkers

Leveraging the Immune System

We’ve opened the door to a new class of immune-system-derived biomarkers readily attainable from minimally invasive whole blood draws (purple top EDTA tubes). A GenPro EpiMarker is unparalleled in its ability to harness the power of the immune system to monitor and respond to an individual’s health and disease status, thereby providing a dynamic and deep information source for decoding patterns of health status, disease risk and potential therapeutic responsiveness.

De Novo EpiMarker Discovery

Rapid, Scalable & Cost-Effective Immuno-Methylome EpiMarker Discovery

Our EpiMarker discovery process is powered by a proprietary machine-learning, cloud-based bioinformatics platform. This process can successfully discover EpiMarkers across multiple diseases, sample types, and applications — all within mere weeks.

Our phenotypic EpiMarkers provide broad, clinically actionable immuno-cellular information that goes well-beyond what ctDNA, CTC’s or proteomic markers can provide. They target the many unmet clinical needs across the disease spectrum that mutation-based biomarkers cannot easily address.

Decoding the Immuno-Methylome

GenPro’s unique blood-based capability decodes and characterizes the immune system’s natural response to disease.

Immune cells interact with the dynamic biology of a disease — through cytokines, metabolites, chemokines, and cell/tissue interactions. Thus, the biology of many diseases is uniquely imprinted into the white blood cells’ DNA methylome as these cells respond to the specific stressors they detect at the disease site.

GenPro’s unique approach leverages this epigenetic response to generate predictive biomarkers — EpiMarkers — that pinpoint specific sites of DNA methylation in the genomes of immune system cells where diseases and drug responses are imprinted as unique patterns.

Beginning with genomic DNA harvested from whole blood, tumor or tissue samples, the EpiMarker Platform performs genome-wide DNA methylation measurements, then uses proprietary analytics to discover and elucidate EpiMarkers.

The result is an integrated biological signal with a wide range of commercial applications: a master panel assay that’s highly useful for patient immune system profiling, responder screening, IO status, wellness monitoring and disease detection.

Many Diseases and Applications

GenPro’s proprietary technology covers a broad range of diseases and applications. Our unique approach delivers a superb success rate in the discovery of actionable EpiMarkers in diseases such as Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, AML, endometriosis, breast cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) — across multiple clinical applications and DNA sources.

GenPro’s unique blood-based capability provides rapid EpiMarker identification. Unlike mutation-based biomarker discovery, which is disease-specific, our unique approach maps epigenetic shifts to specific DNA methylation sites This provides an integrated biological signal that in addition to diagnostic applications may help to identify mechanisms of disease progression, remission and recurrence, as well as mechanisms of drug action.

In less than three months, blind validation data can be evaluated for a go/no-go decision, before proceeding further with the development of targeted panel assays for measuring the EpiMarkers in a cost-effective format.

Machine-Learning Platform and Workflow

The GenPro Platform for novel EpiMarker discovery and commercialization enables novel EpiMarker discoveries and blind validations in less than 10 weeks.

Our rapid EpiMarker discovery process quickly pinpoints genomic sites that are impacted by disease processes and drug responses. This unique process uses genome-wide next generation sequencing (NGS) based on a GenPro methyl-sensitive restriction enzyme (MSRE) protocol for gDNA preparation that is matched to our platform analytics.


Intellectual Property

Our IP is growing in two areas. First are the core integrated cloud-based bioinformatics and machine learning applications that define the GenPro Platform for EpiMarker discovery and commercialization that enable GenPro’s success. This IP is protected by a strategy to surround the core trade-secret innovations with a growing series of patented enabling process restrictions.

Second, the Platform rapidly discovers novel EpiMarkers, each of which is a patentable asset. Unlike mutation based biomarkers that cannot be patented, GenPro’s computationally derived EpiMarkers can be patented as a non-natural invention. This strengthens the licensing position of our EpiMarkers and elevates the value of our solutions and products.